What a is post and core build-up?

A post and core build up is a fixed prosthetic work bonded to the endodontically treated tooth. It is used to restore the lost crown structure of the tooth which is then reconstructed and prepared for the placement of other prosthetic restorations (dental crowns and bridges).

The post and core build-up complex consists of two main parts: intraradicular (used to anchor into the root of the endodontically treated tooth) and extraradicular (used to restore a fragment or the whole clinical crown of the damaged tooth.)

When is a post and core build up indicated?

A post and core build up is indicated when there is a moderate to severe coronal tooth structure loss in endodontically treated teeth.

When is post and core application possible?

Nowadays post and core build ups are mostly made in dental offices using fibre glass-reinforced composite pins (posts). These posts are inserted into previously treated and prepared root canals. Due to physical properties of the material these posts are made from, the treated tooth has the ability to bend under the chewing forces which is similar to that of dentin (the central part of the tooth). It results in increased overall fracture resistance of the remaining coronal and radicular tissues which are bonded into a reinforced elastic unit.

In case of total coronal tooth structure loss (with sound root structure) the build ups can be made of metal or aesthetically superior non-metal materials, such as e-max or zirconia. They are made in a dental laboratory.

How long does it take to make a post and core build up and how many visits to the dental office are required?

The whole procedure of making a post and core build-up using a fibre glass-reinforced composite post on an endodontically treated tooth takes about 30-45 minutes. It can be made in just one appointment.
In case of metal and non-metal build ups made from e-max or zirconium which are made in a dental laboratory, 2 appointments are necessary, including the preparation for the build-up and its cementation into the endodontically treated tooth. The tooth prepared in this way can undergo other prosthetic treatments.

Why choose to make a post and core build up in OUR practice?

  1. We have 17 years of experience working with post and core build ups.
  2. We try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in our practice, without any fear.
  3. We respect your wishes relating to the health and beauty of your future smile and try to fulfil them completely.
  4. Our goal is to make your smile functional and aesthetically perfect.
  5. Your post and core build up, whether made in a dental office or dental laboratory, will be of outstanding quality and aesthetics.
  6. The work in your mouth will be painless and safe, we will do our best to make it as comfortable as possible and our service as good.
  7. The price of the post and core build up will include a temporary filling or a restoration of satisfying aesthetics.
  8. Your „before and after“photos of the post and core build up will be preserved.
  9. At any moment we are available to you for advice and consultation via mobile phone, e-mail and social media.
  10. We try to keep our appointments.
  11. There is free parking in front of the practice.

If we meet your criteria, feel free to contact us and make an appointment.

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